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    Why Solar?

    Why Solar?

    July 31, 2020

    We have exciting news. We have launched our new solar division by partnering with Sundial Energy Corp. One of Canadas largest solar providers.

    We have compiled some of the great reasons “Why Solar?” in Alberta.

    Like most new sources of energy, it takes time for systems and communities to adapt to the change. Today solar energy is getting its day in the sun. Costs of owning and operating solar has dropped by almost half since 1977.

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    Alberta is leading the charge as the #2 province for installing solar systems. With the best sunlight levels in the country, Alberta has an annual average of 1,276 full sunlight hours per year…

    For example, a 1kW solar system in:

    • Calgary would produce about 1,292 kWh/yr.
    • Edmonton producing about 1,246 kWh/yr.
    • Red Deer producing about 1,265 kWh/yr.
    • Lethbridge producing about 1,330 kWh/yr.
    • Sherwood Park producing about 1,246 kWh/yr.

    Interested in a free solar study?

    With Alberta ranking #5 in average electricity costs in Canada, there is plenty of opportunity for savings. Solar is the most cost-efficient source of energy in Alberta, with natural gas coming in 2nd. Converting to solar energy provides cost savings while having the advantage of a reliable grid as back up.

    It can be daunting to think of what is involved in converting to a solar system. Commonly asked questions are:

    1)  How do I know if my house is suited for a solar system?

    The myth here is that you can only install panels if you have a South facing property. East and West facing properties can also provide savings. There are many options when adding solar panels to a home. A trained solar installer can assess your property and provide the most cost effective and strategic placement.

    2)  How big of a system do I need?

    Determining the size of a system depends on many factors including, annual consumption and size of the home. Having a free solar study done will provide an accurate assessment of your needs.

    3)  Is the solar energy reliable?

    The sun rises and sets, this is a certainty. The only time a solar system is not generating electricity is when the sun is not out.

    4)  How much will I save?

    Savings vary based on the size of the system, energy rates in your area, yearly consumption and more. Even a small system will provide cost savings.

    5)  What is the maintenance like?

    Solar panels are the easiest system in your home to maintain. They have no moving parts which means nothing to break. The only maintenance is ensuring the panels are free of debris.

    24/7 Electric in partnership with Sundial Energy Group is here for all your solar system questions and more.

    Together, we are now offering all of our customers an opportunity to transition their home or property to solar power, providing you with more control over your utility costs and saving you more money every month.

    Sign up today and get your free custom solar study.