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    Why are my lights flickering?

    Why are my lights flickering?

    January 14, 2021

    We often get calls from customers with flickering lights. This can be normal because of inclement weather or can be caused by a break downs in your electrical system. Identifying the source can start with you. Here are some ways you can narrow down the source of your flickering lights:

    1) Are the lights located on a dimmer switch?

    If so, and you have recently changed the light bulbs, they may not be compatible with a dimmer and need to be changed. LED bulbs often have a “Dimmable” status indicated on the packaging.

    2) Do the lights flicker only when an appliance like your furnace or A/C kick in?

    This can be a brief, unavoidable fluctuation in power and should not last more than a second or so. When large appliances like these turn on, it puts an increased load to the electrical system. Like starting a law mower, it takes a lot of effort to get the thing going.

    3) Has the flickering increased over time?

    This could be related to a larger issue. The connection to your home may be damaged and you will need to contact the trouble line of your utility provider to come and check this connection. Often your utility provider will repair damage to their equipment up to your property line. Also known as the “D” mark. If your electrical meter is owned by the utility provider, they may enter the property to ensure the connections in the meter are correct and tight. The power disruption can also be caused by heavy snow or a tree branch touching the line. Strong winds and weather can loosen overhead connections over time and need to be service. Our certified electricians can evaluate any repair any damage of this type seamlessly, working with the local municipality and service provider.

    4) Are some lights bright and others dim?

    A sign of a more serious issue is when lights get very bright in one area and are dim in other areas, this requires immediate attention. A poor connection at the main breaker, faulty neutral in the meter base or a poor connection at the service mast can be cause of this. All of these pose a safety concern if not resolved and can cause thousands in damage to electronics and appliances byway of electrical surges.

    5) Other causes of flickering lights can be a poor connection or worn electrical components within the home.

    The certified electricians at 24/7 Electric have many years of diagnostic experience. We can complete a detailed electrical inspection, panel tune up or replacement of worn breakers, lighting, switches and more. Completing a thorough inspection of your electrical system and repairing worn electrical components, will restore peace of mind and your power.

    There are ways to prevent your electrical system form breaking down and catch issues before they become a problem:

    1. 1) Have your Panel Serviced once a year
    2. 2) Have an Electrical Safety Inspection done
    3. 3) Do not overload circuits
    4. 4) Update switches and outlets more than 15 years old
    5. 5) Replace your panel after 25 years

    If you are concerned about the state of your electrical system or are having issues with your lights flickering Contact 24/7 Electric today!