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    3 Ways to Protect Your Pet from Electrical Hazards

    3 Ways to Protect Your Pet from Electrical Hazards

    September 21, 2018

    ways to protect your pet from electrical hazards

    Although babyproofing our homes to protect littles ones from electrical dangers is commonplace, many people often forget that pets can be just as curious and vulnerable. Pets can’t always distinguish between electrical devices and their favorite chew toys, and this can put them in serious danger of electrical shocks (not to mention the property they might accidentally destroy).

    At 24/7 Electric, we prioritize the safety of our customers and their family members – including their furry or feathery family members. Here are 3 ways to protect your pet from electrical hazards direct from our team of electricians.

    Keep tempting cords out of sight.

    One of the easiest targets for pets who love to chew are electrical cords. You might assume that puppies are the biggest cord-chewing culprits, but rodent species like rabbits and hamsters of all ages could also sink their teeth into a cord. If your pet chews through enough of the wire, it could be electrocuted. Even if it doesn’t experience a dangerous electrical shock, your cord will be unsafe for use and will have to be replaced. To avoid this scenario altogether, always stow cords safely away in a cabinet or drawer when they are not in use. For electrical devices that stay plugged in to exposed cords all day, (such as lamps) consider cord covers. They come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and prices, and they are invaluable if you have a pet that is prone to chewing.

    Be careful with heated tools and appliances.

    If you decide to cozy up to a space heater this winter, make sure not to leave it unattended with your pet. This could lead to burns, shocks, or even a house fire. Sometimes pets can also mistake heat tools like straighteners or curling irons for a cozy place to warm up. Make sure to always turn them off and unplug them and before you leave the house, especially if you have a cat who likes to climb on bathroom counters.

    Establish an electricity-free zone.

    While you are at home with your pet, you can more easily prevent electrical accidents from happening. But if you need to quickly dash out the door, can you be sure that your pet will be safe? If you don’t normally leave your pet in a cage or crate while you are out of the house, it can be helpful to confine them to an electricity-free zone. This can be a fenced in area or even and entire room where you know there are no cords or devices and your pet is safe from all electrical hazards.

    Have you thought of other ways to protect your pet from electrical hazards?

    If you have more tips for keeping pets safe from electronics, feel free to share them in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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