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    Trick or Treating Lighting Safety

    Trick or Treating Lighting Safety

    October 26, 2018

    trick or treating lighting safety

    Halloween night is full of fright and delight for kids filling up their buckets of candy and meandering through cobwebs and graveyards in their neighborhoods. But the dark Halloween sky combined with higher foot traffic on residential streets can also pose risks for trick-or-treaters and homeowners alike.

    At 24/7 Electric, we want to make sure everyone stays safe and has fun this Halloween. Here are some tips for trick-or-treating lighting safety at your home.

    Leave porch lights on.

    If you are trying to make your home and decorations look as spooky as possible, or if you have run out of candy and tucked the kids in for bed, you might be tempted to turn off the outdoor lights. This can be unsafe for several reasons. Trick-or-treaters won’t have the visibility they need to find your front door, or to be on the lookout for older pranksters or dangerous predators. Troublemakers can play pranks on your house or yard or even break in and steal while they have the cover of nightfall to their advantage.

    We recommend leaving your porch lights on for Halloween night. If you are worried about the lights ruining the look of your decorations, try changing out the bulbs with different colors like pumpkin orange or potion green. If you have run out of candy or put the kids to sleep, try leaving a friendly sign on the door asking neighbors politely not to knock anymore.

    Consider motion-sensor lights.

    If you want to turn the porch lights off after the trick-or-treaters all go home, consider investing in some motion-sensor lights to ward off criminals. According to ADT Home Security, home theft crimes increase by 21% on Halloween night, vandalism increases by 19%, car theft increases by 5%, and Halloween has the highest number of insurance claims for any day of the year.

    Motion-sensor lighting will alert you and your neighbors to any unwanted visitors on your property before the damage is done. And if thieves or vandals notice the motion-sensor lighting in your yard while trick-or-treaters are visiting, it might deter them from their plans in the first place.

    Teach kids how to trick or treat safely.

    Perhaps most importantly, teach your kids to trick-or-treat at houses that look safe. Visiting houses with their porch lights turned on ensures that your kids are visible to other trick-or-treaters and adults at all times. You can also deck out their trick-or-treating bags and buckets with LED lights so that they are easy to spot in the dark.

    We hope these tips for trick or treating lighting safety help your family enjoy a Happy Halloween!

    Have a fun and spooky night this Halloween, and remember to stay safe. If you have the coolest Halloween lights on the block, feel free to share photos with us on Facebook. If you need any lighting upgrades or repairs for your Calgary home, give us a call today.

    If you need a licensed and qualified electrician in Calgary, call 24/7 Electric! Dial 587-315-1361 for a Calgary Electrician or complete our online request form.