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    Transforming a Room with Indoor Lighting

    Transforming a Room with Indoor Lighting

    August 21, 2018

    Transforming a Room with Indoor Lighting

    Whether you are completely remodeling some of the spaces in your house, or you are simply
    looking to give a room a little bit of a facelift, never underestimate the powerful impact of
    indoor lighting. Finding the correct balance and clarity can make or break the look of an entire

    At 24/7 Electric, we want to help you create the perfect atmosphere for every room in your
    home with creative indoor lighting solutions. Here are some specific elements to consider when
    you are making decisions about your indoor lighting look.

    Layering Your Lighting

    While natural daylight can bring the most clarity to a room, artificial lighting can still set the
    mood at night or in rooms with fewer windows. Artificial light encompasses a wide range of
    different hues and intensities. The selections you make can create the atmosphere in a room,
    so it is important to choose carefully. Some rooms will benefit from warmer lighting, while
    other rooms may need the clarity of white lighting. But most rooms can benefit from a variety
    of different lighting hues for different purposes. One of the best ways to achieve a cohesive
    look and still maintain functional lighting is by “layering” different types of lighting.

    The three areas to consider when you are designing your indoor lighting are:

    • Ambient Lighting: The main overhead lighting for the bulk of the room. This includes
      ceiling fixtures and chandeliers.
    • Task Lighting: Lighting focused on an area where you will complete a specific task. Some
      examples might include a reading light beside your bed or favorite chair, a lighted vanity
      mirror for a bathroom, or recessed counter lights for concentration in the kitchen.
    • Accent Lighting: This includes all types of decorative lighting used for visual interest.

    Creating a Focal Point

    One way to ensure your indoor lighting has the “wow-factor” you want is to create a visual
    focal point within the room. This can mean adding a chandelier or unique light fixture in an
    unusual setting, or adding a wall sconce that casts interesting directional light and shadows.
    Having a major statement piece ca give your interior decorating a bold, yet cohesive look.

    Setting the Mood

    Customizing the mood in each room can be easily achieved using dimmer controls. When a light
    source has a dimmer setting, you can adjust the atmosphere in a room to meet your needs. The
    same kitchen table that needs bright, clear light while kids focus on their homework can be
    softer and more elegant when dimmed for a dinner party.

    Positioning Your Fixtures

    Figuring out how to maximize impact of the lighting features installed in each room has a lot to
    do with the way they are positioned strategically. By bouncing light off a ceiling, you can cause
    brightness to travel further. By positioning accent lighting towards an architectural element or a
    piece of artwork, you can illuminate it draw attention towards it.

    Now matter how you want to upgrade your indoor lighting, with the right attention to design
    and help from a trained professional you can enjoy a transformed interior.