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    The Dangers of DIY Electrical Work

    The Dangers of DIY Electrical Work

    January 10, 2019

    DIY (do-it-yourself) home improvement projects are a rising trend thanks to Pinterest and HGTV. While repainting walls or building your kitchen island can save you money and allow more opportunity for customization, there are some home improvement projects best left to the experts.

    Electricians study their trade and shadow experienced professionals in the field for years so that they can provide high quality service to homeowners. If you attempt to DIY even a seemingly small electrical project, you can put yourself in serious danger of electrocution or an electrical fire.

    At 24/7 Electric, we believe in setting a high standard with our work and offering it at an affordable price. Our mission is to make sure our satisfied customers never feel the need to DIY their electrical projects. Here are some of the dangers of DIY electrical work.

    1. Electrocution

    The most common hazard of working with electricity is also the most potentially fatal. If you stub your toe or cut your finger work on a DIY creation, you can put on a band aid and keep going. But if touching one wrong wire electrocutes you, you will face serious injury or death.

    2. Fire

    An electrical fire can start easily with just one stray spark. If you assemble parts of your electrical project incorrectly, you are putting your whole family and your home at risk. Some of the most common mistakes that can easily start an electrical fire include faulty connections, incorrect wiring, and overloaded circuits.

    3. Expensive Repairs

    Another reason to avoid DIY electrical work is to protect yourself from potential expensive repairs. If you hire an electrician to do your work correctly the first time, you will ensure your personal safety and find yourself satisfied with the end results. If you hire an electrician to fix your DIY mistakes, you could add on to the cost of the project considerably.

    4. Code Violations

    Even if you manage to avoid harming yourself or your home, you can’t guarantee that your electrical work meets the standards set by the modern electrical code. Electricians commit the NFPA National Electrical Code Handbook to memory and watch for updates each year.

    The standards set inside the handbook are not only designed to optimize safety, they are also critical in terms of your home resale value. If you try to sell your home and it fails an electrical inspection because of faulty DIY work, you will have to pay the price or lose the sale.

    Do you understand the dangers of DIY electrical work?

    It might seem like a good idea to use DIY projects to cut down on home improvement costs. But when it comes to electrical work, it can ultimately cost you more money or even cost you your life.

    The best way to avoid the dangers of DIY electrical work is simply to hire a professional electrician. Our team at 24/7 Electric offers the highest quality service at a price you can afford. Call us today for help with your 2019 home improvement projects.

    If you need a licensed and qualified electrician in Calgary, call 24/7 Electric! 587-315-1361 for a Calgary Electrician, or complete our online request form.