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    Smart Home Security Systems The future is changing

    Smart Home Security Systems The future is changing

    October 29, 2019

    Having a home security system is important, now more than ever. However, costly monitoring contracts and expensive equipment make having a home system difficult. Homeowners are looking for new and affordable ways to keep their homes and families safe.

    With technology ever changing the home security market is now full of many smart home system options. These systems can be installed and monitored without breaking the bank. DIY smart home security systems allow ownership of equipment without costly monitoring plans, no contracts and home automation integration.

    Here at 24/7 Electric we have come to love the RING security products, for the ease of use and affordable equipment.

    Easy of Use:

    The RING system offers a variety of features that can be controlled at the touch of a button using the RING easy to navigate app. Moving between camera views, operating the siren, two-way talk and zoom features, the controls are clear and available anywhere you can take your phone.

    Features Galore:

    We found the features of the RING security system to be superior to other systems that we tested. Giving back control to you, the homeowner:

    HD Video

    Detection and monitoring have never been clearer than with the high-quality HD video RING provides. Crisp, clear visuals allow you to see who is in or around your home.


    Unlike other monitored security systems, the siren allows you to take control and ward of criminals. The 110-decibel siren can be activated from your phone, drawing attention and forcing criminals to flee.

    Motion Activated Lighting

    An ingenious merriment of camera and motion lights adds another level of security to your home. The motion activated flood lights increase visibility and alerts criminals that they are being monitored.

    Two-Way Talk

    Having the control to take action is a peace of mind that this feature provides. Confront or speak to anyone who is at your home. from virtually anywhere.


    RING integrates with most home automation systems available on the market today.


    The products featured below are the wired options, as we feel these products offer non-stop power and security.

    Indoor Cam (Wired)

    This compact, lightweight camera can fit virtually anywhere. Easy to install, it is a perfect addition to your home’s security system.

    Stick Up Cam (Wired)

    This aesthetically pleasing indoor/outdoor camera has all the bells and whistles. Like most of the RING products, it includes 2-way talk, HD video and night vision.

    Spotlight Cam (wired)

    The spotlight camera has an amazing field of view (140 degree) and 110 decibel siren to scare off any wood-be criminal.

    Floodlight Cam (Wired)

    The wired floodlight camera adds another level of protection with motion activated ultra-bright LED floodlights.

    Doorbell Camera (Wired)

    The jewel in the products offered by RING is the
    RING doorbell camera. The clear HD video and two-way talk provides everything you need to monitor your entry way.


    If you want an extra set of eyes on your castle, RING is an affordable and reliable option. Compared to other DIY security system monitoring, RING is affordable and reliable.

    Overall, we feel the RING security products offered everything needed for a DIY security system. With a wide variety of product options, the latest camera technology and ease of use, RING has won the vote of 24/7 Electric.

    Have questions? No problem 24/7 Electric is here to help. Our Ring specialist can answer all your RING questions. From installation to current contract buyouts, we are here to offer you an affordable solution. Contact us today!