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    How To Safely Store Christmas Decorations

    How To Safely Store Christmas Decorations

    August 21, 2018

    How To Safely Store Christmas Decorations

    Transforming your home into a winter wonderland or the North Pole every year takes an
    exorbitant amount of work, but the excitement surrounding the project often outweighs the stress
    of it all. Once the holidays are over, many dread, and even avoid, the takedown process. While
    significant planning may go into putting up the decorations, usually very little planning goes
    towards taking down and putting away decorations. The latter may not be filled with as much
    anticipation as the former, but properly storing your holiday decorations is essential if you want
    to make the next year just as grand. Hopefully, these tips on how to store Christmas decorations
    will help make the process a little less daunting. Heck, you might even have some fun.


    Glass ornaments are very fragile. Should one fall off the tree or get crushed in a box, it’s likely
    you may be dealing with a Christmas casualty. With many ornaments having sentimental value,
    it’s important to carefully store them. Here’s how you can protect your keepsakes:

    • The Container Store offers several archival storage box options for your ornaments. Each
      box contains dividers so that you can place your ornaments in their own compartments. For
      added protection, place a coffee filter in each compartment. Or, save the tissue paper
      from gifts and use it instead.
    • If you don’t want to spend the money on a storage box, give this DIY storage container a
    • Don’t throw away your used egg cartons! Who knew they’d be perfect containers for
      storing ornaments?
    • To make things easier for next year, divide your ornaments up based on color and


    Christmas lights aren’t exactly cheap. They’re certainly an investment, and if you want to continue
    using them, it’s important to carefully take them down and wrap and store them. Lights are often
    one of the last things to be taken down. Many homeowners don’t start the takedown process until
    after New Year’s. Of course, there are some who leave them up until spring! We don’t blame
    those who do that; we understand how daunting the process feels. In either case, keep these
    three tips from Bob Villa in mind while taking down and storing your lights.

    Pro Tip: Always unplug your lights first before wrapping them up!

    Cardboard Cutouts

    After all the gift unwrapping that has occurred, there’s bound to be an extra cardboard box
    laying around somewhere. Follow this step-by-step guide:

    • Cut out a rectangular-shaped piece.
    • Cut it into an anvil shape. This part is essential as it helps to prevent the lights from falling
      down the board.
    • Wrap the lights around the middle part, where it’s thinner.
    • Once you’ve reached the end of your light strand, tuck the plug under a strand to secure
      the lights in place.

    Twist and Tie

    If you’ve already thrown away all your boxes in an attempt to de-clutter your home, fear not!
    There are still other simple solutions out there, like this twist and tie method using a chair.

    • Turn your chair upside down so that the legs are pointing towards the ceiling.
    • Start wrapping the lights around two legs that are next to one another, in a figure eight
    • When there’s a foot left, wrap the rest of the strand around the middle of the lights, and
      tie a loose knot. This will help to prevent the lights from getting unwound.


    This one may be the easiest storing method of them all! Everyone’s got spare hangers, perhaps
    even too many! Put those unused hangers to good use with this storage method.

    • Simply wrap the lights starting at one end until you’ve reached the other.
    • When there’s just a few inches of the strand left, tie it around the hook.
    • If you want to get even more organized, find hangers that match the color of each light. For example, use a red hanger for lights that emit the color red.

    What to Do with Your Christmas Tree

    Obviously, if you have a live Christmas tree, there is no storing process like there is for an
    artificial tree. If you have a live tree, here’s what you should do:

    • The National Christmas Tree Association asks that you not throw your tree in the trash or
      place it on the curb side for trash pick-up.
    • Instead, see if there is curbside pick-up for recycling. Make sure your tree meets the
      requirements, i.e. no ornaments or tinsel left on it.
    • Take your tree to a drop-off recycling center.
    • Research to see what your local community offers for tree recycling.

    If you have an artificial tree, here is what The Spruce recommends:

    While it may seem like the right thing to do, storing your tree in its original packaging is not the
    best way to preserve it. It’s not uncommon for pests to get into storage closets or for mold to grow
    in areas that are moist. The Spruce recommends using a storage container or bag.