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    Panel Maintenance

    Panel Maintenance

    February 10, 2020

    Your electrical panel is the heart of your home, also known as the breaker box, electrical box or fuse box this piece of equipment keeps your home running. The maintenance and care of this equipment is important to ensure the panel operates at its optimum, prevent fire hazards and preserves home appliances and electronics.

    A typical panel is made up of several components all serving a purpose. Depending on the year the home was built, the panel may vary from this diagram but the function is still the same.

    The average life of a panel is 20 years. Parts in your panel break down over time due to, over loaded circuits, dust build up and ware and tare.

    There are many ways you can prolong the life of your panel. Having your panel serviced regularly, can catch problems before they become big and a surge protector can save unnecessary strain on electronics and appliances.

    Surges happen for a variety of reasons. Increased energy surges can damage equipment not isolated from the surge. Todays appliances and electronics often put more of a demand on your electrical system. Keep your investment safe with surge protection.

    A yearly panel tune-up is good preventative maintenance. Here is what 24/7 Electric does on a standard Panel Tune-Up.

    Inspect the Busbar

    The Busbar is where all the breakers plug into. They can accumulate dust and debris which can affect their function, causing nuisance tripping, burning and loss of power. The electrician will clean dust and debris from the busbar, tighten connections and inspect for any burning or scorch marks.

    Inspect for Burn or Scorch Marks

    Burn or scorch marks can be a sign of an overloaded circuit or a bad connection. When inspecting for this type of issue the electrician will note any findings and the solution to prevent the further ware on that circuit.

    Tighten all Connections

    Over time connections become loose and can cause arcing. This is a serious safety concern that can cause a fire and prevent your electrical panel from functioning. The electrician will tighten the connections between wires and breakers.

    Inspect for Double Tapped Breakers

    If a breaker is wired with more than one circuit it is considered double

    tapped, this is not to Canadian Electrical Code and is a potential fire hazard. It can also cause nuisance tripping due to
    being overloaded. The Electrician will separate the circuits if possible.

    Tidy up the Panel

    Keeping the interior of the panel free from dust build up and debris can prolong the life of your Panel. The Electrician will remove debris, secure and strap down wiring.

    If you would like more information about electrical repairs, maintenance, or wiring services from 24/7 Electric, please contact us today!