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    Organizing Old Electronics: 3 Tips

    Organizing Old Electronics: 3 Tips

    February 14, 2019

    Do you have electronics from past decades gathering dust on your shelves or in your closet? Even if you plan to keep some of your old tech, it doesn’t have to be an eyesore in your home.

    At 24/7 Electric, we believe in recycling old electronics responsibly and helping our customers live their happiest lives. We’ve brainstormed three tips for organizing old electronics to help you tidy up in 2019.

    1. Donate or recycle what you don’t need.

    If you are hanging on to an old VCR or gaming console for the nostalgia, there is nothing wrong with that. But if you have three generations of iPods crammed into a drawer since the mid-2000s, it might be time to say goodbye.

    There are tons of awesome charities out there who can upcycle your old tech and use it for good. Goodwill accepts computers, printers, keyboards, mice, and more through their Reconnect partnership with Dell. Secure the Call repurposes old cell phones for seniors and domestic abuse survivors. If you can’t find a charity for one of your old electronics, you can always recycle it.

    2. Designate a place for each larger item.

    Once you have combed through all of your items and determined which ones you want to keep, it’s time to work with the storage space you have. Use baskets, plastic storage bins, and small stackable shelves to help you maximize space in closets or cabinets.

    One effective way to keep up with your most frequently used electronics is to store all of them in a charging dock. When you need your cell phone, smart watch, or tablet, you will know exactly where to find it, fully charged and waiting for you.

    3. Store cords and accessories separately.

    Instead of trying to stuff a charging cable into the same box as the technology it charges, keep all of your cords in one central location. One nifty way to keep cords and cables from tangling is to wrap them up with twist ties or binder clips. You can then slip them inside of toilet paper roll tubes and store them standing upright. This maximizes space in a basket or bin and makes it easier for you to find the correct cable when you need it.

    Keep power blocks, mouse pads, headphones, and other miscellaneous items separated by category with small boxes inside of their main storage container. The easier it is to find what you need, the more this reorganization work will help you.

    Are you a pro at organizing old electronics? Share your tips!

    If you are an organization guru, feel free to share your own tips with us in the comments below or on Facebook! We hope these tips will help our customers tackle home organization one category at a time.

    Need some electrical upgrades for your newly-reorganized tech? Give us a call at 24/7 Electric.

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