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    Why You Need to Replace Aluminum Wiring

    Why You Need to Replace Aluminum Wiring

    August 21, 2018

    Why You Need to Replace Aluminum Wiring (In your Calgary Home)

    Was your Calgary home built between the 1960’s and 70’s? If so, keep reading as it’s possible
    that you have been outfitted with aluminum wiring and need to replace it immediately.
    Electricians used aluminum wiring back then because it was more conductive than copper, not
    to mention cheaper. Not long after, aluminum wiring was found to be an electrical hazard,
    causing panic among homeowners.

    How is Aluminum Wiring Dangerous?

    The increased conductivity and cheaper costs aside, aluminum wiring poses numerous threats
    to your home and your safety.

    • Compared to copper wiring, aluminum wiring is substantially softer, which means it’s
      more susceptible to being cut, broken or damaged. This could lead to exposed wiring.
    • When aluminum wiring rusts, it’s less conductive than copper wiring. Additionally, it
      can inhibit the flow of electricity throughout your home.
    • When hot, aluminum wiring expands and contracts. This will result in wires and
      connections becoming loose.
    • All of these issues can lead to overheating, which could cause an electrical fire.

    How is Copper Wiring Better?

    While copper wiring is more expensive, you can’t really put a price on the safety of your family.
    Here are the reasons why electricians switched to copper wiring:

    • Copper wiring is extremely flexible and durable. In fact, it can twist and not break. Its
      durability ensures that connections are safe and solid.
    • You won’t have to worry about completing maintenance as often.
    • Copper also has a high conductivity rate.
    • You will increase the value of your home by replacing your aluminum wiring with
      copper wiring.

    Signs You Need to Replace Your Wiring

    If you’re not sure whether you have aluminum or copper wiring in your home, watch out
    for these common signs indicating a need for wire replacement:

    • Flickering lights that occur without reason
    • Light switches and/or outlets are warm to the touch
    • When a device or appliance is plugged in, sparks or smoke appear
    • Breakers or fuses are constantly tripping
    • Radios, televisions and computers show static

    Who to Call for Rewiring

    If you’re not sure whether your home has copper or aluminum wiring, have a licensed Calgary
    electrician from 24/7 Electric inspect your wiring to determine which it is. If you are certain that
    you have aluminum wiring, schedule an appointment with us to have your wiring replaced. In
    addition to copper wiring, we also offer cost efficient solutions that are less intrusive to your
    home and drywall. Rest assured that all our methods exceed the minimum code and are CSA