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    National Electricity Month

    National Electricity Month

    August 21, 2018

    National Electricity Months

    Did you know that June is National Electricity Month here in Canada?

    To celebrate, your friends here at 24/7 Electric want to share some of the history of electricity. When you flip on a light switch, plug in your phone charger, or brew a quick cup of coffee, odds are, you aren’t thinking about the electrical current conveniently passing through the wiring in your home and straight into your favorite electronics. But can you imagine what life would be like without it?

    Only a few hundred years ago, a world without electricity was the reality. The Canadian Electricity Association notes that electricity I called “the great enabler of modern society.” Without this fundamental source of power, countless advances to our technology could never have happened.

    The Beginnings of Electricity

    In 1752, Benjamin Franklin made a shocking discovery during his famous kite experiment: electricity could be harnessed, insulated, and conducted. But it would be decades before scientists could generate electricity themselves. 1821, an English scientist named Michael Faraday was the first to create a simplified version of an electrical generator.

    Electricity for Consumers

    According to the Canadian Electricity Association, households and businesses first had access to electricity in 1881. Hydroelectric power was the first form of commercial electricity available to consumers in Canada. Just two years later in 1883, Canada’s Parliament Building became one of the first governments buildings in the whole world equipped with incandescent lighting. The same year, Hamilton became the first city in Canada with an incandescent streetlight system.

    The Canadian Electricity Association

    National Electricity Month is celebrated largely by the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) as they work to education consumers on the impacts of electricity. This organization was first established in the year 1891, which means this year they will be celebrating their 127th birthday. The CEA not only advocates for better consumer awareness, but they also establish regulations and industry standards for electricians across the nation.

    Advances in Technology

    In the 20th and 21st centuries, Canadians have made great strides in technology thanks to the humble beginnings of electricity. The first Canadian movie theater opened in Montreal in 1906, the world’s first all-electric steel mill created by The Steel Company of Canada revolutionized its industry in 1912, and the world’s first electrically-welded ship set sail from Canadian soil in 1918. Fast forward to 2013, and 80% of Canadian Electricity was produced GHG free. For more interesting milestones in the history of electricity in Canada, check out this timeline from the CEA.

    Electricity Today

    Organizations like the CEA and electricians everywhere are eager to ensure Canada not only continues to advance our technology, but that we do it with safety and sustainability in mind. If your home needs electrical maintenance, installation, or repair to improve its energy efficiency or to meet electrical code requirements, 24/7 Electric is always happy to help!