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    Lighting Additions and Upgrades to Fit Any Style or Budget!

    Often times, a dream design for your home isn’t fully realized until you flesh out the biggest and most important detail: the lighting. The various types and styles of illumination in a room – or outdoors, if you’re trying to create the perfect landscape – tie it all together. Without proper lighting, you won’t be able to make the setup you’re trying to create work as well as it could. 24/7 Electric’s team of expert electricians can help you unlock the potential of your home and come up with the lighting design that will make it really “pop!”

    Whether you’re trying to find the right accent for your living room, aiming to figure out how to highlight a part of your kitchen, or looking to turn your backyard into the welcoming space you’d always imagined, we’ve got you covered.

    Kitchen Lighting Services

    Finding the right combination and layout of lighting in your kitchen can be the key to perfecting the balance between functionality and style. You want to make sure the lights you install highlight the elements of your kitchen that make them stand out, but you still need to be able to perform basic tasks effectively. Sometimes, trying to figure out that middle ground can be exhausting!

    24/7 Electric can help you find out what works best for your kitchen, from recessed lighting to accents that illuminate countertops and under-cabinet space, and everything in-between!

    Track Lighting Services

    One of the more versatile methods of illumination is track lighting, which places several lights on a single track, which can be linear or curved. They can highlight certain features like artwork or decorative pieces, but track lighting is also useful in practical day-to-day uses, like suspending lights above a table or counter.

    Track lighting truly has more uses than you can count. 24/7 Electric’s electricians are well-versed in track lighting and can help you walk through all the possibilities this type of lighting can afford you!

    Security Lighting Services

    Lighting isn’t always limited to just brightening up a spot in your home – sometimes it serves another purpose. Security lighting can help deter would-be trespassers from creeping onto your property, or it can spook curious animals into running away, among other things.

    Vapor lights, floodlights and higher-up motion sensor lights are all examples of security lighting that will let you sleep soundly knowing your property is guarded. You can place them above parking areas, at entrances and exits to your home, and alongside the perimeter, just to name a few.

    Landscape Lighting Services

    Without the proper lighting for your yard, all the work you’ve put into making it look great will go to waste. Let one of 24/7 Electric’s experts identify the best lighting setup for your yard, and it’ll be the best looking one in the neighborhood in no time at all!

    Upgrades and Additions

    No matter what your current lighting situation is, there’s always room to upgrade it as more advanced forms of lighting are unveiled. Whether you’re just looking to spruce up the mood and look of a kitchen or deciding how to add on to a part of your home, our electricians are here to help.

    We’ll walk you through the different forms of lighting additions and upgrades that would best fit the exact scenario you’re looking for, and we’ll work with you to create the perfect accompaniment to the modifications you’re investing in.

    Whatever your lighting needs are, 24/7 Electric will be right there to answer any questions you may have and help you come up with the ideal setup to completely transform the look of your indoor and outdoor environment.

    Schedule an appointment with 24/7 Electric today!