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    Suite 1A 5905 11th Street

    SE Calgary, AB T2H 2A6

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    In the Community

    24/7 Electric in the Community

    Current Events

    Check back soon to see the current 24/7 Electric community initiatives! We’re constantly on the lookout to find other ways we can add the right sparkle to an event!

    Past Initiatives

    Festival of Lights Parade

    24/7 Electric was lucky enough to help out with the annual Festival of Lights Parade in December!

    Parade of Lights

    We participated in the first annual Parade of Lights, along with a host of other incredible local businesses and Mahogany Community members on December 9th!

    4th Annual “Be Seen on Halloween” – Calgary, Alberta

    When Halloween rolls around, nothing is more important than making sure your kids stay safe while they stock up on candy. 24/7 Electric was proud to pitch in and pass out warm cups of hot chocolate, as well as,  distribute free flashlights to keep everyone well-lit and out of danger!

    3rd Annual “Be Seen on Halloween” – Calgary, Alberta

    For the third year, 24/7 Electric was able to do our part to ensure Halloween remained fun and safe! We passed out free flashlights to everyone that stopped by, and we had free hot chocolate available to kids and adults so they could warm up!

    2nd Annual “Be Seen on Halloween” – Calgary, Alberta

    Just like last year, 24/7 Electric took the initiative on Halloween and passed out valuable safety elements to help keep kids and adults safe while trick-or-treating. Anyone that stopped by was able to get a free flashlight and reflective sticker so they’d be well-lit when night fell. Everyone warmed up with some free hot chocolate as well!

    Redstone 2015 – Calgary, Alberta

    In our ever-growing mission to help strengthen the community, 24/7 Electric participated in the Sparky’s Giving Back 2015 Build Day. We were able to partner with a number of terrific businesses in the area and help out on the Habitat for Humanity Redstone Project, which is in the Calgary community of Redstone.

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