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    The Importance of Electrical Safety Inspections for Your Calgary Home

    The Importance of Electrical Safety Inspections for Your Calgary Home

    August 21, 2018

    The Importance of Electrical Safety Inspections for Your
Calgary Home

    When your breaker has tripped or your outlets won’t charge your favorite electronics anymore, 24/7 Electric
    is here to help. But rather than waiting until things stop working, we always recommend our customers take
    a proactive approach. By scheduling regular electrical safety inspections with a licensed electrician, you can
    pinpoint problem areas before they malfunction or cause any damage. Here are some advantages electrical
    safety inspections can bring to your Calgary home.

    • Prioritizing Safety

    Electrical problems can sometimes cause minor inconveniences, but they can also lead to real danger.
    Wiring issues can start a fire in your home and destroy your property, or even endanger your life. Small
    appliances plugged in to faulty wiring can also lead to painful or deadly electrocution. Electrical mistakes
    made by unqualified contractors or previous home owners with a flair for DIY can mean the difference
    between harm and safety for you and your family. You can avoid these safety hazards when an expert
    electrician performs a safety inspection on your home.

    • Increasing Efficiency

    Identifying electrical mistakes not only keeps you safer, it can also allow electricity to flow through your
    home more efficiently. If electrical systems are put under higher demand than they were originally
    designed for, energy can be wasted in the process.

    • Sticking to Standards

    Allowing an electrician to examine whether or not your systems are up to the latest codes, state laws,
    and industry standards is always a good idea. For older homes, even correctly-installed electrical wiring
    can be subject to wear and tear, or might not measure up to the current safety standards. Electrical
    codes can fluctuate often, so even a relatively new home can benefit from a safety check.

    • Saving Money

    One common misconception is that scheduling an electrical safety inspection is a waste of money
    because you have not identified a problem yet. In reality, electrical problems might not be apparent to
    the naked eye right away. The upkeep of your electrical systems can actually save you money in the long
    run, because you will prevent having to call your electrician later for a repair job. The cost of a routine
    inspection of your wiring tends to be less expensive than repairing damage. Addressing the minor
    problems before they expand into major problems means you spend less money overall.

    Are you seeing warning signs?

    Having an electrical safety inspection is beneficial before problems even present themselves. But if you have
    already noticed some minor electrical problems in your home, you should definitely schedule an inspection
    right away. Below are some of the warning signs that there could be problems with your electrical systems
    and wiring.

    • Lights Fluctuating
    • Power Surges
    • Shorts from Plugging in Devices
    • Abnormally High Electric Bills
    • Loose Outlets or Switches
    • Outlets/ Lights Not Working
    • Rusted or Corroded Connections