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    How to make an amazing Home Office

    How to make an amazing Home Office

    December 18, 2020

    5 great Tips from 24/7 Electric

    What is the best home office set up? Keeping your home office well-lit, comfortable and your equipment protected are a few ways to be productive and have peace of mind. Here are 5 tips that can make sure your home office is running in tip top shape:

    1. 1) Lighting
    2. 2) Outlets
    3. 3) Internet Jacks
    4. 4) Surge Protection
    5. 5) Security

    1) Lighting is important when setting up your home office. It can prevent eye fatigue, headaches and increase productivity. The best types of lighting for a home office are:

    1. 1) Natural Light
    2. 2) Soft white overhead light without a direct glare
    3. 3) Add a blue light filter to your screen
    4. 4) A desk or floor lamp to provide additional lighting when needed for reading or designing

    2) Having enough outlets or a dedicated circuit to your office space can reduce nuisance tripping and prevent overloading the electrical circuit. Overloading an outlet with power bars and extension cords can cause nuisance tripping of your breakers and potentially damage equipment. Having multiple outlets that are on different circuits can decrease down time or sudden loss of power causing unsaved work to be lost.

    3) With many wireless options available a plug in ethernet cable is not always necessary. However, there are benefits to having a hard-wired line from your computer to your modem or router. With the increased demand to internet band-with in communities, a direct connection can provide additional security and stability to your internet connection. This will ensure less disruption and down time during peak times.

    4) Surge protection is important to prevent damage to your home’s electronics and appliances. A high-quality power bar with surge protection can be as effective as surge protection on your whole electrical system. Having both can ensure that you will not experience a damaging surge
    to your computer equipment during power outages, storms or a power surge from the power grid. Learn More Here

    5) Security is important in 3 areas of your home office:

    1. 1) Cyber security
    2. 2) Theft of equipment
    3. 3) Access Security

    Most businesses will have a procedure for computer security, this can include security keys to access servers, passwords, file sharing rules, etc… But what about security of your actual computer equipment. There are many ways to deter would be thieves from entering your home. Security cameras, keypad door locks and doorbell cameras are great easy ways to protect your home.

    24/7 Electric is here to assist you in creating the best home office and can provide manysolutions including the ones highlighted here. Contact us today with all your home office questions and needs.