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    Home Theater System Installation

    Home Theater System Installation

    August 21, 2018

    June 25 is Color TV Day! This monumental advance in technology changed the way we enjoy
    movies and shows forever. To celebrate with television and movie lovers everywhere, we want
    to explain some of the benefits to installing a home theater system in your home.

    Home Theater System Benefits

    Adding a home theater system means that every movie, television show, ad video game with
    your family is an experience. Here are a few reasons to love home theater technology.

    1. Theater Experience, Home Convenience

    With larger screens, surround sound, and the plush seating of your favorite couch, you may find
    that you enjoy watching movies at home just as much as you would at your local theater.
    Instead of only experiencing new releases in this setting, relive your treasured favorites on a
    theater screen whenever you want!

    This image might be especially enticing for anyone with small kids. Never worry about your
    baby crying or your toddler shouting in front of a theater crowd when the only occupants are
    your own family. As an added bonus, you’ll save money on snacks by popping your own corn
    and grabbing a soda from the fridge.

    2. Life-Sized Sports

    Since you can watch any channel you want on a home theater system, that means you can
    experience sports broadcasts like never before. Sit courtside for your favorite basketball team
    or right on the 50-yard line for the Super Bowl when you watch games in larger than life
    proportions. Imagine the big game parties you could host with a home theater for your friends
    and family to enjoy.

    3. Video Game Immersion

    If you or your family likes to play video games, a home theater can transform your experience.
    Connect your computer with an HDMI cord to play PC games, or connect your PlayStation,
    Xbox, or Wii and fully immerse yourself in your own virtual world. This aspect of home theaters
    can also be great for parties. What’s better than Mario Cart on a jumbo screen?

    4. Home Value Increase

    Aside from all of the ways to enjoy your home theater while you have it, it can provide
    monetary benefits if you decide to move. A home theater is an excellent asset to increase the
    value of your home to potential buyers, for all of the same reasons we have listed above and
    more. When you invest in a home theater, you are giving yourself an edge in the real estate

    Home Theatre System Installation Prep

    Now that you know why you’ll love a home theater system, you might be curious about the
    installation process and what you can do on your own. Here are some factors to consider.

    1. Budget

    Home theatre systems require several pieces of technology, all of which can quickly become
    expensive. Decide before you begin the purchasing and installation process how much you are
    willing to spend, and it will guide your choices on which features you need and which ones you
    can live without.

    2. Location

    Before you purchase the necessary technology, it is important to carefully consider which area
    of your home would be the best fit. The room should be dark and comfy, with plenty of wall
    space for a large screen.

    3. Technology

    Most home theaters have the following components: speakers, a receiver, video input, and a
    television or projector. Although you can hunt for the best deals on each of these products, it
    might be easier to purchase an all-in-one package.

    If your family loves to relive classic movies or even simply binge Netflix episodes, you might find
    that upgrading to a home theater system is the right choice for you. Happy Color TV Day!