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    Handyman Hangovers

    Handyman Hangovers

    June 26, 2020

    We always encourage a good DIY project, but there are some things we feel should be left to the professionals. Your electrical system can be  complicated and with code rules changing frequently, something you do today can bite you tomorrow.

    Here are some common DIY electrical projects and why it is not worth the hassle

    Outlets installed incorrectly

    Something as easy as installing an outlet can turn into a nightmare. Simple mistake like reversing the hot and neutral wires can be dangerous.

    Smoke Detectors

    Many homes have smoke detectors that are battery operated, hard‐wired or both. We often get calls because a smoke detector is chirping. This can happen when they are expire after 10 years, the battery needs to be replaced or a hard‐wired unit was installed and is not compatible with other hard‐wired smoke detectors in the home.

    Double Tapped Breaker

    It may seem like a good idea to put 2 circuits on the same breaker, but it is not. This overloads the circuit, causes nuisance tripping and is a fire hazard.

    Installing a light

    Installing lighting can become complicated. When you take old lighting down you may find that there are too many wires, not enough wires or wires that are damaged. You can also run into problems if you have aluminum wiring or the lighting requires bracing. Trying to make things fit can cause bad connections, fire hazards and damage to the light fixture.

    Running New Electrical

    Adding a new circuit to your home can become complicated. When adding a new circuit to your home a permit is required. There may not be enough room in the panel to accommodate the circuit or the wrong wire and breakers may be used. This can cause the circuit not to work, can be
    a fire hazard and cause nuisance tripping.

    Take care when tackling your electrical to‐do list. Contact 24/7 Electric Today and prevent your Handyman Hangover