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    Suite 1A 5905 11th Street

    SE Calgary, AB T2H 2A6

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    Our Service Guarantees

    Here at 24/7 Electric, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most reliable and trustworthy service in the area, and we stand behind anything we do 100 percent. When you receive any service or product from us, you can be confident it’ll be problem-free thanks to our series of service guarantees.

    Client Care Guarantee

    Our team of electricians have the best combination of skill, honesty, attitude and professionalism in town, and we guarantee that they’ll treat your home with the utmost care. That means no messes and no damage. Any question you may have about the service we’re providing or the product we’re installing, we’ll answer. You deserve to be thoroughly informed about your home’s upgrades!

    Total Satisfaction Guarantee

    For five years after we install any new electrical equipment, you’ll receive any service calls related to equipment failure for free, no questions asked. That’s right! After you have a new piece of equipment installed, you’ll be worry-free for five years!

    Code & Safety Guarantee

    Anything we provide or install will be up-to-code in your area, guaranteed. That means all the necessary permits and paperwork will be completed, so you know it’ll all be squared away.

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