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    Find Out How Safe Your Home is With an Electrical Safety Inspection

    Find Out How Safe Your Home is With an Electrical Safety Inspection

    August 21, 2018

    Find Out How Safe Your Home is With an Electrical Safety Inspection

    We all assume that our homes are safe, but do we know just how safe they really are? Faulty
    wiring is one of the leading causes of fires in Canada. With that in mind, have you had your
    home’s electrical wiring inspected recently to ensure everything is in working order and up to
    code? If you’ve been dealing with electrical troubles of any kind, you should have a licensed
    electrician complete a home electrical safety inspection.

    Why is an Electrical Safety Inspection Important?

    On average, more than 40,000 home-related fires occur each year, resulting in over
    $1,550,000,000 in property damage. While it’s impossible to completely prevent fires from
    happening, you can take certain precautionary measures to lessen the likeliness of one
    happening in your home. A great way to get assurance is through hiring a licensed professional
    to look at all in the ins and outs of your electrical system.

    Another great benefit of an electrical inspection is catching minor problems early, before they
    become serious. While an inspection may seem like a large investment at the time, you’ll be
    thankful you had it done as it saves you from more expensive repairs down the road.

    What Happens During Safety Check-Up?

    There are certain things you can expect out of a typical home safety inspection. It’s important
    to hire a licensed electrician to handle your wiring since anyone without the proper knowledge
    or experience risks hurting themselves and damaging your electrical system. Here is a basic
    checklist of what an electrician will do:

    • They will ensure that your electrical system runs safely, efficiently and effectively.
    • They will identify any vulnerable areas within your home as well as areas that aren’t up
      to code.
    • They will identify any outdated wiring, such as aluminum, as well as outdated
    • They will inspect your electrical panel to see if breakers and fuses are sized correctly.
    • They will locate visible and hidden fire hazards.
    • They will identify areas that waste energy.

    When Do You Need to Complete an Electrical Safety Inspection?

    Safety inspections exist to keep you safe and to help you save on energy costs. If you have an
    older home that was built before the 1970s or you’re planning a remodel, it’s crucial to have
    your home inspected. Further, if you’re in the market to purchase a home, make sure to have a
    certified professional complete an inspection, before you sign the papers. We would hate for
    you to purchase a home that has numerous electrical problems you weren’t aware of. If you’re
    wondering whether an inspection is right for you, we’ve got the answer. Here’s when it’s a
    good idea to schedule your safety check-up:

    • Before you purchase a home.
    • If your home is 40 years or older.
    • Before you undergo a remodel.
    • Before you add a new appliance, like a refrigerator or HVAC system, for example.

    If you think you’re due for an inspection, schedule an appointment with the experienced
    professionals at 24/7 Electric. We have the know-how, tools and products needed to make sure
    your home is operating safely and efficiently. We’ll even give you tips on how you can help
    lower utility costs.