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    Energy-Efficient Packages

    Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With 24/7 Electric

    For the most part, the luxuries that modern technological advancements give us are incredible, and they make our lives more comfortable and accessible. We’re able to use electricity in ways people only a few generations ago would not have dreamed possible, and technology is only getting more advanced and exciting.

    Unfortunately, having everything we use run on electricity nowadays means that we’re also consuming and using power at a rate like never before. All that consumption adds up to an alarming amount, and it can make an imprint on the environment around us – not to mention the energy bill!

    24/7 Electric can work with you to create a package that will help limit the amount of power you use on a day-to-day basis in your home. We’re proud to offer Lutron products, which will help cut down on power consumption. You’ll be able to feel good about the difference you’re making – and spending less money every month will feel great as well!

    Motion-sensing lights, automated energy systems and adjustable light switches are just a few of the ways we can transform your home into an energy-efficient dream home before you know it.

    We Offer the Following Energy-Efficient Services:

    • Lutron Automated Home Systems
    • Occupancy Sensors
    • LED Recessed Lighting
    • Automated Blind Systems
    • Dimmer Switches
    • Light Recycling Program

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