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    Electrical Upgrade Ideas for the Kitchen

    Electrical Upgrade Ideas for the Kitchen

    August 21, 2018

    Electrical Upgrade Ideas for the Kitchen

    Has it been a while since your kitchen has seen some TLC? If you are looking for ways to make cooking and entertaining easier and your kitchen design more appealing, you don’t have to limit yourself to new appliances. Try incorporating some electrical upgrades too!

    Here are some electrical upgrade ideas for the kitchen from 24/7 Electric.

    Cabinet Lighting

    One of the most practical and aesthetically dramatic electrical upgrades for your kitchen is under-cabinet task lighting. An electrician can install lights that run underneath your top row of cabinets so that you will have light that falls directly onto the countertop below. This can be helpful when cooking because the tools in your hands won’t be shadowed by the cabinets above. It can also set the mood in the room and add some beautiful dimension to the appearance of your kitchen.

    GFCI Outlets

    If you don’t already have GFCI outlets, add them as soon as possible. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets protect you from electrical shock. If the electrical current flowing into one side does not match the current flowing out of the other, the outlet will completely shut off. Since cooking often involves both electricity and water, you can see the significance of this safety feature. A GFCI outlet can detect the power surge of an electrical device from contact with water and cut off power to that device instantly. Current international electrical code standards require GFCI outlets to be installed in every room with a water source. Adding these outlets to your kitchen can be a lifesaver—literally!

    Hidden Outlets

    Speaking of outlets, have you ever longed for more of them but don’t want them to clutter your kitchen walls? You can install outlets hidden inside drawers or cabinets, or pop-up outlets in the surface of your wall or counter top. This gives you more access to the power you need without detracting from the design of your walls.

    Recessed Lighting

    One of the most popular electrical upgrades for the kitchen is recessed lighting. Visually, it can make a room feel much bigger because it takes up less space than fixtures would. Since the bulbs are LED, they will last much longer than incandescent lights and will require essentially no maintenance. Recessed lights are energy efficient, relatively easy and inexpensive to install, and add a touch of sophistication to a room. They come in multiple styles, colors, and sizes so that you can customize them to your unique kitchen design.

    Light Fixtures

    If recessed lighting isn’t your thing, you might be more interested in making a statement with a dramatic new light fixture. You could go for a singular wooden shape, a trendy chandelier, or even a group of upside down mason jars. Turning a functional light into a focal point in the room can enhance the look of your kitchen.

    If you want to implement one of these electrical upgrade ideas for the kitchen in your own home, call the licensed electricians at 24/7 Electric.