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    8 Electrical Safety Tips to Teach Your Kids

    8 Electrical Safety Tips to Teach Your Kids

    August 23, 2018

    Kids seem to get into everything. While curiosity and imagination definitely aren’t bad things, it is important to make sure kids know how to use electrical appliances safely.

    At 24/7 Electric, we prioritize the safety of our customers over everything. To help raise awareness about electrical safety within your family, here are eight electrical safety tips to teach your kids.

    1. Don’t put fingers or objects into outlets.

    This might seem like it would only be a problem with babies and toddlers, but sometimes kids get curious if they don’t understand how things work. Talk to your kids about how electricity flows out of an outlet to power devices and explain why it is dangerous. It will keep them safe, and it is a great opportunity for them to learn more about electricity. (If your kids are interested in electricity check out our blog for two fun projects they can do at home!)

    2. Don’t plug too many things into one outlet or power strip.

    This can risk tripping your circuit breaker, or even cause an electrical fire! Explain to your kiddos that it’s important not to draw too much power to one area of your house.

    3. Put electrical cords away when you are finished using them.

    Pets or babies might decide to turn your cord into a chew toy, or little running feet might trip over a misplaced cord!

    4. Don’t yank electrical cords out of the wall.

    This goes hand in hand with other outlet safety rules. To take good care of electronics and stay safe from electrocution, it is important to unplug carefully.

    5. Keep electrical stuff away from water.

    This is another good teaching moment. We might take it for granted that everyone knows not to mix water and electronics. But kids who don’t understand that water conducts electricity might not realize how serious this is. When you give your kids this rule, explain why it is important and what can happen when water and electricity come into contact.

    6. Keep electrical stuff away from heat.

    Equally important: make sure kids understand that excessive heat could start an electrical fire.

    7. Watch out for power lines.

    A kid who has never paid much attention to power lines outside could accidently run into them when climbing a tree or flying a kite or toy. Next time you are outside, point the power lines out
    to your kids and explain how they carry electricity to homes and business. Remind them that they should never ever be touched.

    8. Do not use damaged cords.

    Teach your kids what a damaged electrical cord looks like, and to tell an adult if they see an electronic device with one. Cords with tears or worn areas should always be replaced.

    We hope these eight electrical safety tips to teach your kids help keep your family safe from potential electrical dangers. For your next electrical service, give us a call at 24/7 Electric!

    If you need a licensed and qualified electrician in Calgary or Victoria, call 24/7 Electric! 587315-1361 for a Calgary Electrician or 778-557-1519 for a Victoria Electrician, or complete our online request form.