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    5 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas from Our Electricians

    5 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas from Our Electricians

    December 13, 2018

    creative christmas gift ideas

    Christmas is coming, and it is almost time to unwrap presents. Are you stumped on what to buy for the members of your family who seem to have everything? Here are five creative Christmas gift ideas from our electricians at 24/7 Electric.

    1. Solar Backpack

    This solar backpack can charge a smart phone by harnessing the power of the sun! Anyone who has this pack handy won’t have to rely on an outlet to keep their calls, texts, and Instagram likes coming in. This would be a perfect gift for a college or high school student, any family member who loves camping, or a spouse who has to travel often for work.

    2. Nest Learning Thermostat

    If anyone in your family loves new tech (or is constantly complaining about the room temperature) the Nest Learning Thermostat is sure to make them smile. One of the best things about the Nest is the amount of energy it saves. It programs itself to learn your habits and adjusts the temperature according to your schedule. This cuts back on your family’s energy consumption and lowers your utility bills. You can even give the Nest voice commands using Google Now on a smartphone. The days of controlling your home comfort without leaving your couch have finally arrived.

    3. Speaker System

    Upgrade your television and music experience by investing in some new speakers or installing a surround sound system. You can transform your own living room into a movie theatre so that every Netflix binge is special. If your family loves to watch movies and TV shows together, this would be a great gift for everyone!

    4. Under Cabinet Lighting

    Does someone in your family love to cook, but seems to already own every cooking contraption known to mankind? Surprise them with a new electrical upgrade that will transform their cooking experience! Under cabinet lighting makes cooking safer and easier. It creates task lighting specifically for cooking and thwarts the shadows cast by your upper cabinets. As a bonus, it’s perfect for late night snack assembly. If you are interested in installing under cabinet lighting in your home, our team of electricians can help.

    5. Room Makeover

    If you and your spouse have already given each other plenty of perfume, jewelry, clothes, and gadgets over the years, we suggest opting for a present both of you can enjoy. Pick out some new furniture, wall paint, or light fixtures and work on a room makeover together. You won’t add unwanted clutter to your shelves after Christmas time, and you can enjoy this gift together year-round and permanently. If you need any light fixture installations, additional outlets, electrical panel upgrades, or other electrical services for your room makeover, give 24/7 Electric a call.

    We hope these creative Christmas gift ideas helped you brainstorm!

    If you need any electrical upgrades in your Calgary home this holiday season, call us today at 24/7 Electric.

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