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    The Benefits of Adding a Subpanel for Christmas Lights

    The Benefits of Adding a Subpanel for Christmas Lights

    November 8, 2018

    benefits of adding a subpanel for christmas lights

    Your electrical panel is like the heart of your home’s electrical system. It is the main source of the power that travels through the “veins and arteries” of your wiring to reach specific circuits throughout your home. When Christmas lights sparkle across your rooftop and bushes during the holiday season, having an additional subpanel of circuits just for them can be much more convenient.

    At 24/7 Electric, everyone on our team of expert electricians has the skills and tools needed to add a subpanel to your home and create a more convenient decorating process. Here are two important benefits of adding a subpanel for Christmas lights.

    You’ll trip circuit breakers less frequently.

    Gone are the days of simple string lights. Animatronics, inflatables, projector lightshows and more line the shelves in modern Christmas décor aisles. Imagine how much electricity it takes to put on a display for your neighbors, even if you like to stick to the traditional twinkly lights.

    Each circuit in your electrical panel can safely handle technology that draws around 15-20 amps of power. If all of your circuits are hard at work powering your other appliances, there might not be enough amps leftover for your dancing reindeer outside. Once a circuit is overloaded past the 20-amp limit, the breaker will trip and cut off the power. This is designed to keep your home safe from an electrical fire, but it won’t be very much fun for your display outside or your appliances inside.

    By adding a smaller service panel called a “subpanel” with new circuits designed for a specific purpose, you can avoid tripping the circuits on your main electrical panel.

    You’ll prevent a fire hazard.

    The reason circuit breakers trip is not to ruin your Christmas festivities; its to keep you safe. When wires attached to a circuit are used too heavily, they begin to overheat. In homes with fuse boxes, this will cause the fuse link to melt and it will have to be replaced. In more modern homes, circuit breakers will simply disconnect the power and you can go outside and reset them. Although circuit breakers do help you use electricity in your home safely, overloading them can still pose the risk of an electrical fire.

    Overloading produces heat that can melt the plastic insulation on your conductors and cause them to touch. This can create sparks of electricity around the main power source for your entire home. Starting an electrical fire this way is unlikely for normal electricity use in your home. However, a large Christmas display could draw enough power to generate some serious heat. A subpanel allows you to safely add as much electrical ornamentation to your yard as you want.

    Are you still curious about the benefits of adding a subpanel for Christmas lights?

    If your Christmas yard display rivals the Griswolds’, adding some designated circuits is definitely a good idea. Even if you like your holiday lights on the subtle side, it can be worth considering. Call 24/7 Electric today and speak to a member of our team about the benefits of adding a subpanel for Christmas lights.

    If you need a licensed and qualified electrician in Calgary, call 24/7 Electric! 587-315-1361 for a Calgary Electrician, or complete our online request form.