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    Accent Lighting Ideas for Your Home

    Accent Lighting Ideas for Your Home

    January 3, 2019

    Adding some accent lighting to your home can help different rooms in your house stand out. Installing multiple layers of lighting in your home will help brighten up your rooms and accentuate your furniture and decorations. Lights in your home don’t only have to be plain florescent bulbs that hang from the ceiling. Get creative with your lighting choices.

    We have tips on how you can not only add accent lighting to your home, but also incorporate new ideas on how to brighten up your rooms. You can count on 24/7 Electric to help you with your lighting and rewiring projects.


    Kitchens are a great place to incorporate recessed lighting. They have a lot going on in one space, so having enough lighting to cover the entire room is important. This type of lighting will allow your whole kitchen to be illuminated and add a warm glow. To add a pop of light and highlight specific areas of the room, you could install single light fixtures. Layering single light fixtures over the recessed lighting is a great way to add some dimension to the room. Single light fixtures can also serve as task lighting for important spots like the kitchen island, sink, and stove.

    Living Room

    Installing track lighting in your living room adds a more industrial vibe to your space. Track lighting involves up to five light bulbs on a metal track. This type of lighting is great because you can turn the lights to shine on different areas of your room. Another lighting type that would accentuate the living room are some art or picture lights. Highlighting specific art or family photographs with dramatic spotlighting adds a fun layer to your entertainment room.


    Install a dimmer switch to your bedroom to add some variety to your lighting. With dimmers you have more control of how bright or dark your room is. You can also save money on your electricity bill and help your lights last longer. Track lighting would work well in a bedroom setting, but most people opt for a fan/light fixture. Ceiling fans can help cut your utility costs by cooling your room down without turning on your home’s central air system.


    Install lamps to help add a decorative touch to this space. Adding some a lamp light fixtures to both sides of your bathroom mirror give the room simple and understated elegance. These also require minimal installation. Add some sophistication to your bath with a dimmer switch or an eye-catching statement light fixture above your bathtub.

    We hope you feel inspired by these accent lighting ideas for your home.

    24/7 Electric can help you introduce dramatic accent lighting to your home. Whether you need recessed lights, track lighting, or just some new light fixtures installed, we have you covered. No matter what your accent lighting vision is, we can help you create it.

    If you need a licensed and qualified electrician in Calgary, call 24/7 Electric! 587-315-1361 for a Calgary Electrician, or complete our online request form.