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    8 Summer Backyard Energy Saving Tips

    8 Summer Backyard Energy Saving Tips

    August 21, 2018

    8 Summer Backyard Energy Saving Tips

    Enjoying time in the backyard is one of the best parts about the summer season. Splashing in the pool or sprinkler, barbecue on the grill, and just romping around with the kids while they are off from school make the summer heat seem bearable. However, all of these outdoor festivities come at a price: high utility bills!

    Running fans, lights, pool equipment, sprinkler systems and more can also run up your utility bills each month. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice fun in the sun in order to save energy and money. Here are eight summer backyard energy saving tips from your friends at 24/7 Electric.

    1. Water in the evening

    Watering your yard and plants when the sun is lower will help the soil retain the water throughout the night and prevent some evaporation. This means you can use less water for a bigger impact.

    2. Cover your pool

    Using a solar cover for your pool can reduce the cost of cooling the water inside significantly. As an added bonus, it will also ensure that your pool is extra refreshing when you want to hop in!

    3. Clean your drains

    The more debris there is clogging your pool drains, the harder your filtration pump has to work to clean your pool water.

    4. Replace your bulbs

    Instead of constantly buying new incandescent bulbs, which drain energy quickly and generate even more heat in the already sticky weather, invest in some LEDs. These bulbs will last for years and consume less energy overall.

    5. Create shade

    To avoid the temptation to cool down with AC or a fan while you’re outside, create a naturally cool shaded zone under some umbrellas or trees.

    6. Power off indoors

    While you are spending long periods of time outdoors, save energy inside your home by turning off lights and electrical devices and setting your thermostat at a medium temp. You will still feel refreshed when you return from your outdoor adventures, and you will save some money on power you would not have even been using.

    7. Eat heat-free

    Even though a juicy burger fresh off the grill might be tempting, eat food that can be prepared cold sometimes to save energy. If you still want to enjoy your food outside, create a picnic-style meal and find a spot for a blanket in the shade.

    8. Upgrade appliances.

    One of the most effective ways to reduce energy consumption both indoors and outdoors is by investing in ENERGY STAR appliances. These energy-efficient products will help you save money on monthly bills and become a more eco-friendly household.

    We hope these summer, backyard energy-saving tips help your family enjoy the sunshine with less energy and lower bills. If you want to install new lighting for your yard or pool to help with hosting more outdoor summer gatherings, give 24/7 Electric a call.