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    7 Creative Christmas Light Ideas

    7 Creative Christmas Light Ideas

    November 29, 2018

    creative christmas light ideas

    Are you tired of using the same old Christmas light display every year and blending in with your block? You can add some serious curb appeal and holiday cheer by choosing some unique holiday decorations that stand out.

    You don’t have to settle for classic Christmas lights if you want to turn some heads on your street! Here are seven creative Christmas light ideas from your friends at 24/7 Electric.

    1. Falling Snow

    You’ve probably seen plenty of icicle lights in every color all over your neighborhood. For a similar effect that stands out, try these “meteor shower” lights that look like falling snow! These would be stunning hanging in your trees or arranged at different lengths along your porch or in front of your windows.

    2. Starry Sky

    Don’t let the light pollution get you down. Add some stars of your own to the Christmas sky by incorporating them into your light display! These five-point stars hang in a curtain pattern. They would be excellent under a porch or patio or twinkling out into the street from your windows.

    3. Pops of Color

    Drape some traditional multicolored string lights over a lawn ornament or a prop on your front porch for a fun pop of color. Use a little red wagon, a sled, a bike, a stack of wrapped packages, or another object you already have at home and give it new life and a vintage feel with the bright string lights.

    4. Lantern Lighting

    Line the pathway to your house with lanterns or cluster a few on your front porch. Instead of placing a singular light inside of each lantern, mix things up by rolling up a bundle of colorful string lights inside. If you already have lanterns decorating your yard or porch, this is an easy and inexpensive way to make them extra festive.

    5. Christmas Sparkles

    Have you ever just wanted to dunk yourself and everything around you into a huge vat of Christmas glitter? Thanks to technology, you can achieve that same effect now by projecting Christmassy sparkles onto your house and yard with this RGB device.

    6. Novelty Light Shapes

    Show a little bit of your personality through your Christmas lights. You can find novelty string lights in just about every wacky shape imaginable. Here are lights for fishing fans, musicians, and anybody with a major sweet tooth.

    7. Wacky Lawn Ornaments

    In the same vein as the novelty string lights, there are numerous options for personalized Christmas lawn ornaments. Gone are the days when you were limited to Rudolf and Frost. Swap out a reindeer for a llama or an evergreen tree for a cuddly cactus. You can find elephants, owls, corgis, narwhals, and all sorts of other whimsical creatures in Christmas light form.

    We hope these creative Christmas light ideas inspire you!

    Don’t be afraid to put your own personal touch on your Christmas decorations and think outside the box. Once you have your yard illuminated, please share a picture with us on Facebook!

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