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    5 Tips for Protecting Your Home While on Holiday Vacation

    5 Tips for Protecting Your Home While on Holiday Vacation

    August 21, 2018

    5 Tips for Protecting Your Home While on Holiday Vacation

    The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. Couples and families everywhere are
    packing their cars to the brim with luggage, presents and snacks for the road. Others are running
    frantic around the house, trying to get everyone to the airport on time for their flights. Traveling,
    especially around Christmas and New Year’s, can be stressful and daunting. So much planning
    goes into finding a way to get everyone out the door, but not enough planning goes into
    protecting the home while no one’s there. Often an afterthought, your home becomes increasingly
    vulnerable when empty. For peace of mind, follow these tips on how to protect your home while
    on holiday vacation.

    No one expects something bad to happen to their home while they’re away. And although the
    odds are stacked in your favor, the last thing you want is to return home to a complete disaster.
    The best thing you can do is prepare ahead of time so that you can fully enjoy your vacation with
    loved ones.

    1. If possible, have someone house sit.

    Christmas time is a prime time for burglars, since so many people travel. One of the best ways to
    prevent a break-in is by having someone stay at your home. With it being the holidays, it might
    be difficult to find someone who’s willing and able to help you. Be that as it may, it doesn’t hurt to
    still ask. If you can find a trusted friend to temporarily stay at your home, it will make planning
    the rest incredibly easy. They’ll be able to water your plants, take care of your pets, make sure
    your Christmas decorations power off when they’re supposed to, and so on. But what should one
    do if having a house sitter is impossible? We’ve got the answer.

    2. Make it look as if someone is living there.

    Install Timers – Many homeowners make the mistake of leaving a few lights on while they’re
    away, as well as their televisions and/or radios. However, it doesn’t make sense for these things
    to be on 24/7. Timers will ensure essential appliances and devices turn on and off at regular
    times, making it appear as if someone is home. You’ll want to install timers for your Christmas
    decorations too, as well as for the outside, like your porch lights.

    Keep A Car in the Driveway – If you’ll be traveling with your own vehicle, ask a neighbor who’s
    sticking around for the holidays if they wouldn’t mind parking their car in your driveway.

    Hold Your Mail – If you’re planning to be gone for more than a couple days, contact your local
    post office to have your mail put on hold. Nothing says “I’m not home” like a packed mailbox or a
    stack of packages on your front porch. If you don’t want to deal with the post office, ask a trusted
    neighbor to gather your mail, including packages.

    Have Someone Check on Your House – If you can’t find someone to stay at your house while
    you’re gone, see if a neighbor or friend can at least check on your house each day and give you
    an update. This will give you peace of mind and the ability to have fun.

    3. Unplug your indoor decorations and other non-essential appliances and

    We continually bring up fires caused by indoor decorations because we want you to avoid
    having to deal with a house fire at all costs. Before you leave, make sure to unplug any indoor
    Christmas decorations. If you have a dry tree and your lights are left on for an extended period,
    it can easily spark a fire because of the heat. You might also want to unplug other electronics like
    your television, computer, gaming systems, toaster, etc. If you have an electric-powered garage
    door, consider turning off its power, as that will provide an extra layer of protection against

    4. Don’t announce your trip on social media.

    When you’re really excited about taking a trip you want the whole world to know – through
    tweets, statuses and pictures. Take all the pictures you want on your vacation, but try to wait until
    after you’re back home to post them, as well as any anecdotes.

    5. Lock everything and don’t leave a spare key.

    Before you head out on your vacation, don’t forget to lock everything! This includes doors,
    windows and your garage. For peace of mind, consider creating a checklist for all the things that
    need to be locked. After locking each door, you can check it off the list. This method is helpful in
    that you won’t have to worry about whether you remembered to lock your front door or your
    bedroom window.

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