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    5 Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations

    5 Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations

    January 17, 2019

    5 Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations

    By now you probably have your Christmas decorations taken down and stowed away for next year. But are they well organized and easy to find?

    By tidying up your holiday supplies, you can prevent them from accidentally breaking and ensure your decorating process will be easier than ever next year. Here are 5 tips for storing Christmas decorations from our team at 24/7 Electric.

    1. Compartmentalize your ornaments.

    Ornaments can be tricky to store because they are so breakable. It’s best to wrap them in some bubble wrap or leftover tissue paper and store them in individual compartments. You can get an ornament storage box specially for this purpose.

    If you would rather not spend money on your ornament organization, there are a couple of DIY tricks you can use instead. Place ornaments into the compartments of a leftover egg carton, or use this tutorial to learn how to make your own storage box out of plastic cups.

    2. Wrap your string lights.

    The worst thing about Christmas lights is the way they get tangled up in storage. Unless you have sturdy LED Christmas bulbs, its easy for your lights to break when thy are jostled around inside large containers too.

    To prevent tangling and shattering, wrap your Christmas lights around something. The best option is a strip of cardboard with a notch at one end. If you don’t have any cardboard handy, try a coat hanger or a Pringles can instead.

    3. Fold your net lights.

    Net lights for bushes on the other hand are pretty easy to store. Spread them out on the floor in a rectangle shape. Then simply fold them into quarters like a blanket. To keep them from tangling with each other, slide them inside Ziplock bags to store them.

    4. Slip long candles into paper towel rolls.

    If you have long decorative candles, you know how easy it is to accidently snap them. To save yourself from the headache of replacing them next year, store them with some protection. Wrap candles in your leftover tissue paper and slide them inside old paper towel rolls.

    5. Invest in large plastic bins to store in bulk.

    Rather than trying to tuck your Christmas decorations into nooks and crannies all over the house, simply store them all in one organized location. Get some plastic storage bins that can be easily stacked in a closet or garage and thank yourself when it’s time to decorate for Christmas 2019.

    We hope these tips for storing Christmas decorations help you organize your home in 2019.

    Taking down Christmas decorations and organizing them carefully can feel overwhelming. We hope these five tips will simplify the process for you and protect your decorations.

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