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    5 Reasons Your Spooky Lights Are Flickering

    5 Reasons Your Spooky Lights Are Flickering

    August 21, 2018

    5 Reasons Your Spooky Lights Are Flickering

    Halloween offers enough scare. No need to cause a fright on your own accord by putting off
    replacing that bothersome flickering light in your hallway, kitchen or family room. Sure, if
    you’re hosting a party or handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, a flickering light in the front
    entry way or on the porch might enhance the overall thrill and haunting of it all, but the truth
    is, you really should replace it sooner rather than later. It’s more than just a nuisance, it could
    be an indication that there’s a bigger problem at hand, one that should be fixed before you
    have visitors.

    Why Flickering Lights Can be Dangerous

    The most common cause of a flickering light is loose or outdated wiring. Wiring in this state is
    dangerous as it can lead to a fire. Don’t let this potential threat loom over you. Schedule an
    appointment with a licensed electrician as soon as possible so that can know for sure your
    house isn’t haunted.

    Pay Attention to These 5 Common Causes

    A flickering light can range from being somewhat harmless to a fire hazard. As a homeowner,
    you may not have the knowledge needed to determine how serious the problem is. There are a
    few simple things you can try on your own, but when it comes to handling your wiring, leave
    that kind of work to a professional. Here are some of the most common causes of a flickering

    • LEDs or Fluorescents: Due to various factors, these types of bulbs tend to flicker more than
      others. When you first turn on a fluorescent light, you’ll notice that it flickers until the
      phosphors in the bulb reach max illumination. An LED light may flicker because of an improper
      connection to an electronic driver or dimmer switch. If changing the bulb doesn’t rectify the
      issue, have an electrician check the connections to ensure everything looks good.
    • Loose Bulb: For many homeowners, the fix is as easy as tightening your bulb. Check to see that
      your bulb is fully screwed in. If you have an incandescent bulb that’s flickering, we recommend
      upgrading to a CFL bulb as they are significantly more energy efficient and they last a great deal
      longer. Even if you have an incandescent bulb that seems to be lighting your home just fine, go
      ahead and switch it out with a CFL. Continuing to use these outdated bulbs will only cost you in
      the long run. If you need help determining which type of CFL bulb would be best for your home,
      our electricians can help! Check out our recent blog on kitchen lighting! You can also read our
      full list of lighting upgrade solutions.
    • Change in Voltage: When you turn on a high voltage appliance, does a light begin to flicker?
      This typically occurs when there’s a significant fluctuation in the voltage. If the flickering
      continues even after the appliance is shut off, it’s cause for a more serious concern and youshould call a professional electrician as soon as possible. You may also have a fluctuation
      problem if your lights dim out of your control or burn out frequently.
    • Broken Light Switch: If your bulb and light switch aren’t properly connected, it could be the
      cause of your irritating light. Before calling an expert, you could try toggling the switch several
      times, or keeping the light off for a while. If neither of those solutions do the trick, then it
      means the switch should probably be changed.
    • Loose or Outdated Wiring: As we mentioned earlier, this is the leading cause of a flickering
      light, and also the most hazardous since it can lead to a house fire. If you can’t resolve your
      flickering light with a simple fix, hire a professional to help. Never attempt to repair your wiring
      on your own. When you handle damaged wiring without the proper knowledge surrounding
      your electrical system or make a faulty repair, you risk hurting yourself, your loved ones and
      your home.

    24/7 Electric has the expertise to rid your home of your irritating and potentially dangerous
    flickering light once and for all! We will restore safety, functionality and peace of mind in a
    timely and effective manner. No matter what type of electrical problem you’re dealing with,
    our trusted team can help. Call now to schedule your appointment.