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    5 Holiday Cooking Safety Tips You Need to Know

    5 Holiday Cooking Safety Tips You Need to Know

    August 21, 2018

    Now that the Christmas season is in full-swing, your kitchen is bound to be the headquarters for all
    the hustle and bustle for the next month or so. As you toil over the stove, preparing the festive
    dinners, it’s important not to let the chaos of it all keep you from being safe in the kitchen. In our
    last post
    , we mentioned that there is a spike in house fires around Christmas time due to electrical
    hazards. However, this is not the only reason fires break out around this time. Another cause of
    household fires is negligence in the kitchen. When distractions arise, various things can go wrong.
    Follow these essential holiday cooking safety tips to ensure your loved ones are safe and that
    your creations turn out delectable.

    1. Stay in the Kitchen at All Times

    When cooking, never leave your food unattended. When you leave the kitchen with food on the
    stove or in the oven, you increase the chances of a fire breaking out. Food begins to burn, oils
    splatter, and so on. If you absolutely must leave the kitchen to tend to someone or something else,
    turn the burners on your stove off, or have another person take over.

    2. Don’t Cook Everything at Once

    When the pressure is on you to prepare and cook a holiday-themed dinner, you may quickly
    begin to feel overwhelmed. The best way to alleviate your stress is to space the preparing of the
    dishes out. If you try to cook everything at once, you make way for potential hazards and
    increase the chances of burning a dish (or two). Consider cooking the side dishes a day prior to
    the big feast.

    3. Keep Your Stovetop Clean

    Make a habit of cleaning your cooking range after each dish you make. A great way to prevent
    clutter from accruing is by cooking dishes separately. Wipe your stove and pots clean after each
    use, making sure all the grease is gone. When grease splatters, it not only puts you at risk for
    getting burned, it can also spark a fire.

    4. Make Sure Your Smoke Alarms Are Working

    A few weeks ago, we talked about the importance of having working smoke detectors all throughout
    your home. Should a fire occur in the kitchen, having this essential home appliance could save lives.
    If your smoke detectors need to be repaired or replaced, make sure to have this job completed
    before all the festivities begin.

    5. Keep Kids Out of the Kitchen

    The kitchen is usually full of chaos around the holidays. Cookies, pies and a ham are in the oven,
    while mashed potatoes and green beans are on the stove. Perhaps you even have some cider
    warming in a crock pot on the counter. Should a curious child pop into the kitchen, unaware of a
    hot dish, it could make for a very stressful situation. If your child is old enough and wants to help
    in the kitchen, make sure they understand the rules of safety. All other children should remain in a
    less busy part of the home where they can be better supervised.

    If you come across any electrical issues that need to be addressed, give 24/7 Electric a call as
    soon as possible – before all the exciting festivities begin. We’ll work quickly to ensure your home
    is safe for guests of all ages. You can give us a call at either (587)-315-1361 or (778)-557-