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    4 Outdoor Lighting Concepts

    4 Outdoor Lighting Concepts

    August 21, 2018

    The weather is thawing and the sun is starting to invite us all outside. For outdoor gatherings
    that last into the evening, nothing sets the mood and atmosphere better than strategic outdoor

    At 24/7 Electric, we have the necessary experience and expertise to help our customers create
    an outdoor lighting scheme that will wow their guests. Here are four outdoor lighting concepts
    to help you get started with envisioning the perfect ambiance for your yard.

    1. Background Lighting

    When considering outdoor lighting concepts in terms of entertaining large groups, it is
    important to remember that you will require more than simply a porch light. Since
    people will want to be able to see what they are doing or see each others’ faces while
    talking, they will naturally gravitate to the sources of light in your yard. If the only
    source is a single porch light, people will end up clustered in the same place. Make sure
    there are different types of background light in a variety of areas throughout your yard.
    One simple way to light a large seating area or dance floor is with string lights or globe
    lights strung overhead. This will minimize the number of outlets or fixtures you need
    while maximizing the lighting itself.

    2. Task Lighting

    Keeping in mind some of the same principles discussed in background lighting, guests
    will need light to select food, eat, change music, talk to each other, play games, or any
    other activities available at your party. It is also a good idea to install some pathway
    lighting so that guests can navigate up staircases, around rocks or other obstacles, and
    safely away from the edge of your swimming pool. While some task lighting situations
    will only require an outlet, an extension cord, and a lamp borrowed from indoors,
    others may require special installations.

    3. Accent Lighting

    If there are certain areas of your yard that you wish to highlight, such as some excellent
    landscaping or a unique fountain or statue, you will need some accent lighting pointing
    in the right direction. An experienced electrician will be able to help you assess the best
    places to highlight within your yard and advise you on the various costs to install new
    lighting options.

    4. Decorative Lighting

    It is important to distinguish decorative lighting from accent lighting and background
    lighting, because decorative lighting shouldn’t be responsible for illuminating anything
    vital. Decorative lighting adds creatively to the atmosphere of your yard in a differentway than some of the more functional lighting options. Some great choices for
    decorative lighting could be candles or paper lanterns. Glass bottles, mason jars, sea
    shells, or hollowed out fruits and veggies could make unique candle holders. Lanterns
    could be strung across branches of trees or placed at intervals along a pathway to
    become both beautiful and functional.

    We hope this introduction to outdoor lighting concepts gives you some fresh ideas to consider
    for your yard before your next outdoor party.