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    4 Important Reasons to Install Outdoor Security Lighting

    4 Important Reasons to Install Outdoor Security Lighting

    August 21, 2018

    4 Important Reasons to Install Outdoor Security Lighting

    Now that the fall season is upon us, you’ve probably noticed that as each day passes, the sun sets
    earlier and earlier. Some of you may even leave for work in the dark only to return home in the
    dark too. You may even wonder if daylight still exists. Here’s a bright idea; while you can’t
    control when the sun rises and sets, you can control how well-lit the outside of your home is for
    safe navigability, security and peace of mind. If you don’t already have outdoor security lighting
    installed, consider calling a licensed electrician to help you on your way to feeling safer at home.
    If you still need some convincing, here are four reasons to consider.

    1. Deter Nighttime Prowlers

    This goes for burglars as well as annoying critters that are wreaking havoc on your garden or
    shrubbery. Installing motion sensor lights will help to discourage undesirable people and animals
    from coming near your home. Motion sensor lights are self-explanatory; they immediately turn on
    when nearby movement is detected. For your added peace of mind, we recommend installing
    both in and outside your home.

    If you take frequent business trips or vacations, installing timers will make it appear as if someone
    is always home. You may have been previously taught to leave several lights on at all times when
    you’re away, however, after a few days it will become quite obvious that you’re not home. After
    all, who leaves a hallway or bedroom light on 24/7? Not your typical home dweller. The best
    thing you can do to protect your home is to install timers. You can program them to turn on and
    off at specific times. Think about what your daily and nightly schedule is, and then program your
    lights accordingly. We recommend having an expert electrician install your lights to ensure
    everything works properly. The last thing you want is a botched DIY installation right before you
    need to leave on a trip.

    2. Get Rid of Vulnerable Areas

    Intruders rely on a home’s vulnerable points for easier access. In this case, the vulnerable points
    are dark shadows where they can easily hide. By adding security lighting around your entire
    home, you can feel assured that there is no safe place for an unwanted visitor to hide. Many
    home homeowners make the mistake of adding lights only to the front of their property, while
    ignoring the back of it. It’s important to install security lights on all sides of your home. You can
    layer your property with various types of lights including motion sensors, flood lights, landscape
    lights, spot lights and more.

    3. Ensure Safe Navigation

    When determining where to install your outdoor lights, think about how you utilize your outdoor
    areas. Do you enter and exit out of the garage, front door and/or back door? Where do you
    park your car? Do you and your family enjoy being outside in the evening? By installing flood
    lights near your patio, deck and front lawn, you will be able to safely enjoy your outdoor living
    spaces. You can also add path lights to your entryway and motion sensor lights near your garage

    4. Increase Your Curb Appeal

    An added benefit of installing outdoor security lights is appeal. We all take pride in our homes
    and want them stand out from the others. This is a natural response, since your home is a costly
    and timely investment; perhaps the most costly and timely one you’ll ever make. Wanting to
    showcase it to the world isn’t a bad thing. When hiring the trusted lighting experts at 24/7
    , you can rest assured our team will implement a lighting scheme that is both functional and
    aesthetically pleasing. It’s important to hire a professional for a project of this level because a
    light is only effective if it’s installed in the right place and installed correctly. This is where we can
    help. We know the best locations to install lights as well which type of lights will be the most
    effective for your needs.

    Many homeowners who attempt to install their own outdoor security lights make the same
    . They don’t have a definite plan; they install too little or too many lights, leading to overkill; or they focus on the wrong features. You can avoid these common mistakes by hiring a
    professional who’s well-versed in all things lighting and who can help you devise the perfect plan
    for your family and home on your budget. What are you waiting for? Call the trusted Calgary
    and Victoria
    electricians at 24/7 Electric today or request service online here!