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    4 Enchanting Ways to Light Your Pumpkin Without a Candle

    4 Enchanting Ways to Light Your Pumpkin Without a Candle

    August 21, 2018

    4 Enchanting Ways to Light Your Pumpkin Without a Candle

    The ceremonial lighting of Jack O’Lanterns on Halloween is a beloved tradition for many. After
    you’ve cut out your ghastly ghoul, spooky skeleton or menacing mummy, the anticipation of
    illuminating your creation for all to see begins to amass as you count down the moons until All
    Hallows’ Eve. When the time finally comes to set aglow your Jack O’Lantern, consider using
    something other than a candle.

    Before you say R.I.P to this devilish idea, hear us out. There’s often a spike of fires on Halloween
    due to various mischief activities but also in part due to the nature of the harvest season. A hairraising wind, swinging straw scarecrow or accidental kick to your pumpkin can potentially spark
    trouble at home. Don’t risk this! Thanks to lighting advancements, gone are the days where to
    display your artistic feat, you must light your pumpkin using an open flame. Here are some other
    novel ways to keep your pumpkin burning bright:

    Flameless Tea Lights – This method of lighting boasts numerous benefits, including a ridiculously
    long battery life and easy operation, not to mention it gives off practically the same lighting
    effect as a burning candle would.

    Mini LED Flashlights – Placing a couple mini LED flashlights in your pumpkin will add a level of
    depth and dimension that a regular candle or single flashlight can’t.

    Glow Sticks – Given last week’s blog on Halloween safety, you already know we’re fans of glow
    sticks! You can choose between battery-operated glow sticks or the snapping kind. Updated glow
    sticks offer several modes for operation such as flashing, color changing and fading. If you choose
    to light your gourd using snapping glow sticks, we recommend placing them in a smaller pumpkin
    as they don’t shine as bright.

    Pumpkin Porch Light Cover – If messing with the guts of an actual pumpkin isn’t your thing,
    consider decorating your front porch with a pumpkin light cover instead. This mode of holidaythemed lighting will allow you to decorate using one of the staples of Halloween but without the
    added mess or hassle.

    From all of us at 24/7 Electric, we wish you a Happy Halloween. Regardless of how you choose
    to celebrate this frightful night, make sure to keep safe and remain aware at all times. If you
    come across any electrical problems as you continue to decorate for the holiday, give us a call!
    We’ll make sure everything is working order and that there isn’t any unwanted hocus pocus.