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    4 Benefits to Bug Lights for Your Next Outdoor Party

    4 Benefits to Bug Lights for Your Next Outdoor Party

    August 21, 2018

    4 Benefits to Bug Lights for Your Next Outdoor Party

    If you think bug lights sound like an unnecessary extravagance you won’t really need, think

    Picture the scene: you’ve got the whole gang gathered in your yard. The sun is slowly setting,
    bathing your impeccable landscaping in a warm glow. Tables are loaded with trays of delicious
    food for your guests. It is shaping up to be the perfect outdoor party, until the swarming begins.
    As night falls, the bugs are everywhere! Landing on your guests and in your carefully prepared
    food, ruining the mood and driving everyone inside.

    At 24/7 Electric, we recommend avoiding an insect fiasco at your next outdoor party by
    installing bug lights strategically throughout your yard. Here are a few of the reasons why we
    prefer bug lights to bug zappers, and how they can benefit your yard.

    1. Yellow light attracts less insects.

    Bug lights are made of yellow bulbs because bugs have a difficult time seeing light at a
    lower color temperature. While bugs are naturally attracted to traditional incandescent
    bulbs as a light source, yellow light is almost invisible to them. By strategically placing
    regular lighting away from your guests and yellow bug lighting nearer to your house,
    you can fly under the radar as bugs will be drawn to the light at the other end of the

    2. Bug lights don’t kill bugs like zappers.

    Bug lights are designed to escape the notice of flying insects. Bug zappers are designed
    to intentionally draw bugs in and them electrocute them. However, when this happens
    they release a mist of vaporized bug guts into the air. Not ideal for an outdoor
    gathering! Although bug zappers do effectively get rid of bugs for good, they demolish
    both harmful and helpful creatures. Bees, butterflies, and spiders are not immune to
    their zapping. Even if your yard is bug free, your flowers and plants might suffer from
    the loss of pollinating friends.

    3. Bug lights are cheaper.

    Bug lights cost less than zappers do, because they require less technology to operate.
    They screw into standard lighting sockets, so they don’t require any specialized fixtures
    or hardware. They are available in a wide variety of wattages as incandescent bulbs and
    CFL bulbs.

    4. Bug lights are safer.

    As mentioned above, bug zappers disintegrate bugs that fly too close into the air. When
    this happens, it can release bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms inside the bugs’
    digestive systems. There is also an obvious safety hazard if bug zappers are left within
    reach of small, unsuspecting children. Anything that touches the bright light will receive
    a painful electric shock. Bug lights, on the other hand, are just like regular light bulbs
    and pose no additional risks.